NX 11 W B93

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The NX 11 W B93 is a lightweight high-performance all-mountain binding with a 3.5-11 DIN range and 93mm brake. The reinforced Full Drive toepiece combined with the lightweight NX heel delivers maximum power transmission, shock absorption and an easy step-in design. The NX 11 W B93 is designed for all-mountain skiers who want lightweight, ease-of-use and can be mounted on skis up to 93mm underfoot. Rec. Brake Width: 83-93mm


Reference FCDA041
Size Available TU
Weight 815 g
DIN 3,5/11
Toe lateral elasticity 45 mm
Glider AFC Plus
Toe piece FDC Nova
Heel piece NX
Height interface 16 mm
Heel vertical elasticity 12 mm
Brake 2P 83-93 mm
Height/width ajustment 24 mm