It was back in 1963 that the brand with the slim «mustache» logo came into being close to the town of Sallanches, born from the inspired union of two manufacturing companies with strong ambitions. The partnership between Starflex skis, produced by Plastiques Synthétiques, and Dynamic resulted in the birth of new high-performance skis called Compound and a new brand - Dynastar - a clever blend of Dynamic and Starflex.

The 1966 World Championships in Portillo gave Dynastar a taste for victory. Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat brought the brand its first three World Championship titles and the first three silver medals in its history. The brand became the manufacturer with the most victories in the World Championships.
It was then that the company introduced its « peak » logo, the arrow looking like a mustache that has adorned its skis ever since. In 2013 for the brand’s 50th anniversary, Dynastar organized a photo event bringing the Dynastar family together. This photo features Dynastar’s traditional mustache logo set against the amazing backdrop of Mont-Blanc.
On 31 May 1967, the managing director of Rossignol, Laurent Boix-Vives, attracted by Dynastar’s daring, no-holds-barred approach, bought all of the Plastiques Synthétiques’ assets from Ressorts du Nord.
Sallanches produces more than 100,000 pairs a year! Dynastar set out to conquer the West and made it in America! These golden years would set in stone the company’s flagship values and buzzwords: “quality and a love for what we do”, “solidarity”, “synergy between our people, skills and positions, “a respect for ethics” and “innovative people who are passionate about skiing”.
In the 1980s, sales increased steadily by 10 to 15% a year, up to the historic 1987 and 1988 seasons when they grew to record proportions : 530,000 pairs and a turnover of 270 million francs. The brand was riding high, joining forces with Lange Ski Boots.
In 1984 the "Course Doré" reaches a higher technological level and is equipped with an intriguing red ball: the Contact system, a damping device in the tip that hallmarks its era. At the Sarajevo Winter Olympics, the Italian Paoleta Magoni and the American Debbie Armstrong win gold medals respectively in the Slalom and the Giant, and the Frenchman Didier Bouvet brings home the bronze in the Slalom.
At Albertville in 1992, and then at Lillehammer in 1994, the brand won more Olympic medals than any other. This time, the stars were Marc Girardelli, Kjetil André Aamodt and Deborah Compagnoni. Four medals were won by Kjetil André Aamodt and Marc Girardelli.
Dynastar was at the cutting edge of the parabolic revolution with its first Max ski, developed in a few months. The company went on to become one of the leaders and pioneers of the new generations of more fun, more accessible and more modern skis.
Dynastar was the first to bring out a freeride ski series : the 4X4. Dynastar Team is represented by iconic riders such as Jeremy Nobis or Arno Adam
The last decade has belonged to women skiers. This period is the time of the Exclusive series, designed exclusively for women. Dynastar made its mark once again in 2001 by being the first brand to develop technology specific to the physiology of female skiers.
In 2005, Rossignol Group is purchased by the Australian brand : Quiksilver, then sold to the company Chartreuse et Mont Blanc. The chosen strategy was to turn the Sallanches industrial site into one of the Group’s centres of excellence, specialising in top-of-line skis.
Aurélien Ducroz, member of the Dynastar team since 2004, has marked the last decade in the freeride ski area. The rider from Chamonix, have won prestigious events such as the Nissan Xtreme in Verbier or Nissan Freeride in Chamonix. He became World Champion twice in 2009 and 2011. At the same time, he experienced ship navigation by participating in famous sail races: the Transat 6.50 and Transat Jacques Vabres.
Sallanches is the only French ski factory producing « Origine France Garantie » - certified skis. Dynastar aims to become the go-to brand for high mountain sports, freeride, adventure and ski touring fanatics while remaining true to its pioneering character.

Chamonix is Dynastar’s base camp, and its inspiration. It is the starting point for the most awe-inspiring adventures; those that push you to surpass your own limits and thrive in pursuit of the most legendary peaks.
Our high-performance pro-ducts are still designed and tested in Chamonix.
Our devotion to skiers pushes us ensuring painstaking attention-to-detail.
We develop inspired, Inno-vative solutions to meet the demands of the most challenging mountains in the world.
Mountains make us stronger.
In the shadow of Mont Blanc, Dynastar has constructed its history and values to become, 50 years later, an exceptional brand all over the world and the only company of this size now producing skis that are «Made in France». Decade after decade, Dynastar skis have carved out a unique track, fueling inspiration for the future and reflecting a continuous quest to create ever-more innovative and high-quality products.
Today more than ever, Dynastar is still something of an artisan, the alchemist of the winter sports equipment industry.
As part of an ongoing quest to continuously improve products and gain an even deeper understanding of the market, Dynastar and Chamonix have entered into five partnerships with the people who are helping to shape the skis of tomorrow.
The first mountain guiding company in the world, established in 1821, the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix is a prestigious institution that has earned a worldwide reputation. Dynastar and Rossignol are now equipping the 250 guides who will use and recommend the brand on a daily basis.
La Compagnie des guides de Chamonix
ENSA is the only training organization in France for ski instructors and mountain guides. 3,000 future professionals complete their training and certification each year. The expertise accumulated by the ENSA and its students provides valuable feedback on products and applications, from beginners to advanced skiers.
École nationale de ski et d’alpinisme
Dynastar and Rossignol are official sponsors of Kandahar, a legendary stage in the Alpine Skiing World Cup and the only men’s downhill event on the French circuit since 1948. Through the Club des Sports, the Rossignol Group is also promoting skiing and competitive activities for young people living in the Valley.
Le club des sports de Chamonix
With more than a million skier days per year, 120 kilometres of runs, 22,000 vertical metres and 57% foreign customers, the ski areas and resorts managed by Compagnie du Mont Blanc in the Chamonix Valley represent an exceptional field study.
La Compagnie du Mont Blanc
Evolution 2 Chamonix has been launched in 1997, 10 years after its first establishment in Tignes, and has grown around the same philosophy: "The pursuit of excellence in everything we do". For more than 15 years, Dynastar and Evolution 2 have built a partnership around the same passion: mountain adventure.
Evolution 2
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