Dynastar Technologies


The new Powertrack range from Dynastar ingeniously combines the qualities of CR skis with the performance of Cham skis in a bid to set the new gold standard in the All Mountain category.

All Moutain Profile
The All Moutain profile is inspired by the 5-point sidecut together with a tip and tail rocker. The skis deliver top performance on piste as well as being incredibly easy to handle off piste.

Wood Fiber
The heart of the ski consists of a wood core together with fiberglass. This gives the ski enormous fluidity and responsiveness. 

Wood Titanal
Traditional sandwich technology with wood core and two titanal layers that provide excellent stability on turns and greatly reduce torsional effects. The power is provided by two layers of fiberglass whose basic weight varies depending on the model and the desired skiability. The double melamine/phenol sidewalls provide flexibility and power according to the skier's needs in the different phases of the turn.

Sandwich construction with full-length straight sidewalls, for maximum precision and performance.   

Tip & Tail Rocker
A rocker that’s very progressive in the tip,with limited length and height, and even less pronounced in the tail. This ski pivots more easily but retains all its grip and carving performance. The rocker also improves tip flotation on varied terrain and powder, making it a decisive plus for All Mountain skiing.


The CHAM range, developed and produced in the Chamonix Valley, the cradle of extreme skiing, pushes back the limits of freeride and simultaneously makes it more accessible. The «Powder Profile» technology, incorporating the new-generation rocker and sidecuts, delivers even more performance on all kinds of terrain.

Powder Profile
Dynastar's FREERIDE skis feature a five-point sidecut with long tip rocker, camber underfoot, and slight tail rocker to deliver effortless manueverability and float combined with confident hard-snow performance.

Full wood cores, fiberglass and metal laminates, with full-length vertical sidewalls deliver optimum snow feel, balance, precision, power and stability.   

Paulownia Wood Core
Paulownia wood cores reduce ski weight by 25%. Dynastar combines this lightweight wood core with fiber laminates developed by the Race Department, guaranteeing powerful, less-fatiguing, stability and performance whether touring or skiing all-mountain.

Skis incorporating all of Dynastar's expertise in ski mountaineering offer an ultra-lightweight feel while retaining uncompromising performance.

In partnership with POMOCA, Dynastar produces high-performance, resistant and easy to use skins pre-cut to the shape of specific Dynastar ski models.

Binding Reinforcement 
Reinforcement under the binding mount area, in compliance with ISO 8364 standard, ensures compatibility with all ski binding mounts (Alpine, Touring, Telemark, Insert, etc) provided the mounting  screws are also compliant with these standards.


The latest addition to the Dynastar family, the Glory range is THE new standard when it comes to versatility. Painstakingly adapted to meet the needs of allterrain women skiers, their lighter construction combined with tip and tail rockers make these skis as grippy on piste as they are manoeuvrable off piste. The lively and high performance skis from the Glory range open up new horizons for women skiers: giving them greater control and technical prowess, boosting their confidence to venture even further afield. Created by Dynastar, adopted by women.

Just because they are smaller and lighter, and have a lower centre of gravity than men, does this mean that they are the weaker sex? Certainly not! By adjusting the ski’s flex, weight and balance, Dynastar has designed skis tailored to their morphology, producing the best products of their generation. We have to say, it’s got to be better than simply painting a pair of unisex skis pink! Created by Dynastar, adopted by women.