Sean Cochrane

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Sean Cochrane


Home resortRevelstoke/Selkirck Tangiers

Whose skiing inspires you most?  On the uptrack, Greg Hill.  On the way down (in order) Seth Morrison,  Candide Thovex, Eric Hjorleifson

What is your favorite thing(s) to do when not skiing?  Eat

What would you be doing if you weren’t a pro-skier?  Wasting my time

When did you realize professional skiing was your calling? Age 3

Favorite comfort food: burger and fries

Favorite superhero: Wolverine

Best pickup line: nice skis!

What is your biggest “oh-sh*t” moment in skiing? Crashing into the B netting going 90kmph at a FIS Europa Cup Downhill race in St. Moritz 2002.  It was a scary moment

If you were an animal, what kind would you be and why? Eagle.  They fly

Favorite movie? Envy

What is your biggest pet peeve?  When people say they are bored