The organization « Girls to the top » has been recently created by two passionate young women in love with mountain sports. Its mission is to promote and develop women's access to mountain activities such as: skiing, climbing and mountaineering From this perspective, the organization has two main axes of reflection: the creation of a community of women who are practicing mountain sports, and their media coverage. Thus, Girls to the top plans to organize different types of events: as initiation days, security and risks education about mountain and outdoor sports, we invite you to meet friendly people, talk about mountain, and we also invite you to join our various sporting events. Girls to the top organization also intends to reate an outdoor documentary project. These women have been able to go beyond their cultural barriers in their respective countries. These women are from Asia: Indian skiers, Chinese climbers and Nepalese alpinists. Empowerment and emancipation are the key concepts of this human adventure.
Clémentine and Alice met at university and quickly hiked in the mountains together. During their adventures, they found a distinct lack of women taking the lead on mountain routes. From this point the idea of creating this association Girls on top has born The team is complementary: Alice, a former climbing competitor and a virtuoso adventure playground in fond of trade climbing, and Clémentine, a ski instructor, in love with back country skiing from a young age. They found each other on the ground of mountaineering. In a few words they will tell you why this project is mostly important for them:
Alice: « I hope that women can find their own way and their own personnel development about mountain and outdoor activities. Sharing, some specials moments and mountain experience at any levels. » Clémentine: «I want all them to be able to choose any kind of sports and practice the way they like it, just like I was able to do. I believe girls should benefit from a favorable environment to accomplish their most amazing dreams
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