Dynastar is celebrating 50 years of history, passion, performance, innovations and victories.

50 yearsof success at the foot of Mont Blanc.

50 yearsof innovation amongst the one of most iconic natural laboratories - Chamonix.

50 yearsof producing skis stamped “Made in France” that have left their mark on generations of skiers.

Plunge into Dynastar’s legendary history with an exclusive photo album, recounting 50 years of the brand’s most historic moments, iconic products and celebrated champions. Champions like: Marielle Goitschel, Guy Périllat, Marc Girardelli, Kjetil André Aamodt, Deborah Campagnoni, Edgar Grospiron, Jean-Pierre Vidal, and Aurélien Ducroz to name a few; and ground-breaking products such as the MV2, Omesoft and Omeglass, the original 4x4 (the freeride pioneer), and more recently the Exclusive - the first women-specific skis, the Alti Plum, and the award-winning new Cham series freeride collection.

“Dynastar represents a great human adventure whose identity is defined by its champions, industrial know-how and its close connection to the Chamonix Valley. We want to pay tribute to all those who took part in this adventure and use imagery to tell the story of the great moments and people that helped shaped the brand,”Yann Laphin, Communications Director, Dynastar.

This photo album allows skiers of every generation to enjoy the legends and history of one of the most iconic brands in skiing. Dynastar, a brand that has crossed generations, established new disciplines and styles, and pushed new trends forward in the world of skiing, still remains the brand of the most committed skiers everywhere.