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The values inherent in outdoor sports are attracting a growing number of enthusiasts. Ski touring is all about getting back to basics and being at one with the natural environment, while encouraging practitioners to push themselves on the ascents and downhills. Summer trail runners will surely see the sport as another way of gaining a new or different insight into the mountains during the winter.


Freetouring, new trend?

With a legacy of masterminding specific skis for cross-country applications, Dynastar simply could not pass up this opportunity and is currently expanding its touring range.





The brand has once again strengthened its touring credentials by releasing its new VERTICAL range with three models designed for mountain-loving touring skiers. The three models in the range (Eagle, Deer and Bear) are packed with Dynastar's weight-saving expertise (Dynacell and Carbon Ply technologies), so which one do you choose?

Direct and fast like an eagle for taking one peak after another? Agile and at home over all types of terrain like a deer for all adventure-lovers? Calm and confident like a bear for those with an appetite for cross-country? The choice is yours.

VERTICAL EAGLE The perfect mountain balance.

Engineered from Paulownia wood and ultra-light foam (Dynastar Cell), the VERTICAL EAGLE tips the scales at less than a kilo, making it one of the lightest skis on the market. The use of Carbon Ply heralds a true innovation by the way in which the carbon is incorporated into the ski's structure, reducing its weight by 25%. The VERTICAL EAGLE strikes the ideal balance between resistance and agility, high performance and lightness, which simplifies ascents and amps up downhill performance. This is also the ski used by Vivian Bruchez, the new icon in mountain and steeps skiing in Chamonix Valley.