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Factory Team

At Dynastar, riders are the roots of the ski manufacturing process. Our skis are made by and for them, they inspire us and they improve our products. We work hands in hands, day after day, slopes after slopes, to build a brand that perfectly fits to each type of objectives.
Ride together. Work together. This is how we rise up.

Anticipating, pushing boundaries: giving the best of yourself.Looking at things differently, expanding horizons: looking further.

The members of the Factory Team are united by more than a shared vision of skiing. When everyone is driven by passion; when perfection is an objective and demand a means of achieving it, the idea of rallying all these personalities under a common banner with a distinctive - orange and black colour block - identity was not simply a logical step : it was a necessity !

You bring all these passionate individuals together in Dynastar’s historic racing workshops, in their traditional location in the shadow of Mont Blanc - witnesses to successive generations of outstanding racers; compare experiences; align them with unique expertise; add a dash of impertinence and give it all a good shake…

Welcome to the Factory Team.

Jean-Frédéric Chapuis