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Skyfjord, the film

Last April, Vivian Bruchez Steep Skier-Mountain Guide, Cedric Pugin and Jeremy Jano Janody were travelling in Norway to face the beautiful couloirs of Finnmark and where they tested the brand new Dynastar Mythic Vertical.

"Skyfjord", into the unknown From the pen of Vivian Bruchez, discover "Skyfjord", the latest production from the skiers of Team Dynastar, and explore a little-known region of the ski world: the County of Finnmark.



Cedric Pugin, known as the comet, famous for his excessive speed in the Meije derby.

Jéremy Janody, known as the star, wisdom and experience.

Fred Buttard, known as the guide, our local expert, who shared all his top tips for the area (from salmon to cod fishing)

Vivian Bruchez, known as the misfit. Everyone goes left, Vivian goes right.

Production: Bruno Peyronnet and Bertrand Delapierre.



The Place

Located in the far north of Norway, the County of Finnmark is a little-known place and is much less crowded than Lofoten. The mountains are wild but still accessible. The slopes are rarely vertical and the terrain is perfect for ski touring.

Classic through normal channels, technical and free of tracks for our team of Dynastar skiers. The corridors are usually 1000m long and overlook the ocean. Some are more difficult to access than others and the team were forced into ‘extreme adventurer’ mode to reach certain corridors, even using kayaks to return to their itinerary. A great experience in the life of a skier.


The Pitch

"Skyfjord" is essentially about the passion for skiing and discovery, friendship, and sharing among skiers.

The mix of personalities is a success and there are smiles all round. So enjoy the film and have fun! Vivian


Part 3

Part 2

Part 1


Skyfjord in pictures