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25.07.2018 - Athlete


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Freshly arrived at Dynastar’s Factory Team, Richard Permin demonstrated that courage and willingness make it possible to go beyond the pain and come back to the front of the stage. A bit more than one year after his serious accident and his 2 fractured heels, this modern freeride icon came back this winter with his new movie with a lot of suprises…. Stay tuned

What is your assessment of your first year at Dynastar?

"The challenge was the change of skis and then getting back into skiing. A lot was involved, and it went extremely well. I went to Japan i January where I began to get some feeling back in some excellent conditions. Afterwards, I went straight to Canada where I began jumping again. And I ended up in beautiful Alaska."


Tell us about your film, “Sweet&Sour”…

"In this film, we went for a much more mainstream approach than usual. It was a conscious preference. You have a vision of skiing and your environment, but to make that universally understandable requires a way of putting it together and doing things that are very different. Instead of setting a lot of images to music, I wanted to express something more personal, in particular how I lived with my injury. The film is really about my personal journey as well as Victor’s over the course of the past year."


Right, you are associated with Victor De La Rue – what can a snowboarder bring to a skier?

"Aside from friendship, a completely different way of reading the terrain. It was fresh. And beautiful to see – to watch him riding. It was really something different. I used Victor as a way to push myself."