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Fight Ski Club, Season 2
08.12.2016 -

Fight Ski Club, Season 2

Fresh off its successful first season, the Fight Ski Club will be back in action this year with an ambitious agenda. First, three different episodes will be dropped online, to be followed by a series of ski cross meet ups in Val-Thorens.


Episode 2: “The Fight Ski Club challenges the 3 Valleys Enduro”

In this episode, Jean-Fred Chapuis takes the trainees of the Fight Ski Club Academy on the 3 Valleys
Enduro, a pro-am event, which enhances versatility. And these three teams just have one goal in mind: TO WIN!

Episode 1: “The Fight Ski Club Academy”

Now revealed to a broad public, the Fight Ski Club Academy must move on and train its brand new recruits to protect the community
from those who threaten its values. However, as you may know, nothing happens the same in the community as it does elsewhere…


You too, experience the Fight Ski Club all winter long in Val-Thorens:

A community of thirty ski cross freaks will train every week and then meet every Wednesday at the start of the ski cross course from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with just one goal in mind: to get the closest possible from defending Olympic champion Jean-Frédéric Chapuis’ personal best of 1 minute, 11 seconds, 32 hundredths.

Want to give it a try? Be part of it! Fees are 189€ for a 6-morning training camp (animations and ski pass included).