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Our telemark prodigy killed this 2018 season
01.05.2018 - Telemark

Our telemark prodigy killed this 2018 season

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24 years old Telemark skier Argeline Tan Bouquet, once already became a world champion in 2015. This year she also stepped up onto the podiums after winning the races and made us very proud of her.


December 2017:

She started season with 3rd place in Sptint, held in Hintertux, Austria.


January 2018 was loaded by important dates:

The month starts with 2nd place in Sprint at Pralognan-la-Vanoise.

Argeline Tan Bouquet wins her first World Cup on the Classic Telemark at Pralognan-la-Vanoise (France) the January 13th. She is leaving German skier Johanna Holzmann (2nd place) and British skier Jasmin Taylor (3rd place) behind her.

She finishes 3rd in Sprint and 2nd in Parallel at Suicide Six in USA.

27th January she wins her first Sprint at the Telemark World Cup in SugarBush - USA

February 2018:

February 4, she finishes 3rd in Sprint Parallel at Bad Hindelang / Oberjoch (Germany), she continues top performances by scoring her tenth podium in ten races!


March 2018:

17 March, Argeline grabbed first place in Sprint at the Sprint Telemark Rjukan (Norway).

24 March she takes 3rd place at Murren (Suisse)


And she finishes the season by winning the Cristal Globe in Classic in Telemark!


We want to congratulate her for all this achievements and thank her for this beautiful season! 


You can follow Argeline Tan Bouquet on:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/argelinetanbouquet/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/argelinetan/

How would you define and explain the telemark to an athlete uninitiated to this practice?

Telemark is a winter sport that is very close to alpine skiing but without the traditional fixed heel alpine binding. So your heel is released and you are dropping your inside knee on each turn. This creates a different turn shape, aka, the "telemark turn" and requires a lot of strength and stamina.


What are the specificities of this sport comparing to classic alpine skiing?

It is a discipline of balance, so we need a small adaptation when we try telemark for the first time. It may seem more physical, but we are just more active on these skis!


What makes it attractive? Why did it become your passion?

We have this feeling of freedom and fluidity on the slopes. We play with the snow and the terrain. We are brushing the white coat that we love. Then we rising in power and elegance.


How did you discover this discipline?

Accidentally! I did an initiation and I liked it. It was fun and new for me. I kept it in my mind, until I switched completely in!


Can you explain us the competition rules/different tests?

We have three tests: the Sprint of two runs, the Classic of one long run, and finally the Parallel Sprint. In each of the tests we have the giant, a jump with a minimum distance imposed (penalty of 3 seconds if the line is not reached), back in the giant, and finally the loom (turned bend) at the end of the course that allows us the transition with the final skating game. Everything is in the sleeve, it is very complete. Our result takes into account the timing and the technique as we are judged throughout the course of our telemark. Indeed, if our turn is too minimalist or if we make a mistake and we find ourselves in alpine position, it is a second penalty.


Can you describe your material?

My skis: Speed WC GS in 175cm R24 - Dynastar of course!

My bindings: NTN Freedom - Rottefella

My shoes: Minerva - Scott

Helmet and Masks: Vola

My sticks: Tempesta in 155cm (yes yes, cross-country ski poles!) - KV +


Can you describe your relationship with the Dynastar brand?

I am very passionate about Dynastar – it’s a brand that’s close to my heart. After already skiing on Dynastar, it is natural for me to stay on these skis for Telemark racing. And what an honor to be a part of the Factory Team since 2011!