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14.03.2018 - Ski mountaineering


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Bluebird and a hot start for the Factory Team

Today marks the start of the 33rd Pierra Menta in Areches Beaufort, an atmosphere worthy of the great race days kicked off this sunny stage. 3 waves, 3 cheer bursts, the bells are ringing high: it’s on!

The race is tight, from the start and it is not until l’Epaule de la Legette that we have an overview of the head of the race, which is not yet set: William Bon Mardion and Xavier Gachet are leading, closely followed by Kilian Jornet and Jakob Hermann, and by the Italians Michele Boscacci, Robert Antonioli, Matteo Eydallin and Damiano Lenzi.

Then comes the next milestone of this stage, the athletes reach the climb to the Pointe de la Grande Combe at a fast pace. William and Xavier, the locals, from Dynastar’s factory team are neck and neck with the Italian team made of Michele Boscacci and Robert Antonioli, until the mountain pass. Downhill, the French pair is in front and crosses the finish line with a 17 seconds advantage.

Jornet and Hermann have been slowed on the way down and point at 1.17 mintues of the lead when the title holder duo Eydallin-Lenzi almost reaches the podium, nearly 5min behind the Areches guys.

Fact of the day

3 teams in a handkerchief in the men’s race when the ladies set sail

Athlete of the day or rather athlete(s) of the day

One team, two men. The Areches victorious duo made of William Bon Mardion and Xavier Gachet who fought for the lead all race long to finally prevail. The locals mark their territory from the beginning. They have home-field advantage and are well decided