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After the World Championships, it was again World Cup time this weekend in Val Martello in Italy.  And Dynastar athletes realized wonderful performances during this Marmotta Trophy.

After a great race, eventful , William Bon Mardion earned the victory on Saturday's individual race crossing the finish line one minute 20 ahead of the Spanish , world champion, Killian Jornet . Thirty seconds later, his teammate Xavier Gachet , in great shape this season, came to take third place..

On women side, behind insatiable Laetitia Roux , the young Axelle Mollaret (2nd ) claimed a new podium with seniors this winter – she wins in juniors category- ahead of Sweden's Emelie Forsberg .


The second stage of skicross World Cup in Tegernsee allowed Jean-Frédéric Chapuis to earn a third consecutive victory. The French racer now leads the World Cup ski cross standings after topping the pile in Germany.

Two skicross raceswere rescheduled this weekend in Tegernsee. They both had the same winner: Jean-Frédéric Chapuis. After his success on Saturday, the skier from Val Thorens realized the double win on Sunday in the German resort. "I'm really happy to win here, I did not have plan for the final. My only goal was to go out of the starting gate ahead and keep that place. That's what happened so I am very happy to get on the top step of the podium!’,  smiled the French, celebrating a third consecutive victory on the World Cup stage. He settles so firmly in the overall lead - especially as his main competitor for the globe, Victor Oehling Norberg, was defeated in quarters- and finally see the big crystal globe holds out his arm. "It's going well at the moment! But this is not an obession (the general ranking). If it wants to smile it is good, if not, not  too bad. »

On women side, Alizee Baron took 5th place after her 2nd place on Saturday: "I am quite happy with the day, with the little strength I had left!, she said. For the overall ranking, this is good news for me. I will try to hold on to third place. I want to have two good races in Megève, and then we'll see what happens!”


Riders in this news :  Jean Frédéric  CHAPUIS

 ; Alizée BARON

Saturday in the first of two ski cross races in Tegernsee (Germany ), Jean- Frederic Chapuis signed his second consecutive victory while Alizée Baron (2nd) celebrated her third podium of the season.

The ski cross World Cup has finally arrived in Tegernsee after a tense waiting period following a rescheduling of the event from the final week of January to this weekend. And the Germany resort suits France’s Jean-Frédéric Chapuis and Alizée Baron well: both went onto the podium.

Jean-Frédéric Chapuis scored his second win in a row after winning last weekend in Äre . This is his fourth podium of the winter. This result allows him to take the lead of overall ski cross World Cup ten points ahead of Oehling - Norberg . "This morning I was not top physically. But the more runs passed, the best it was going , said the Olympic champion to Ski Chrono. I do not focus on the overall. Today I was going for the win, not the ranking. »

On the women side, Fanny Smith won ahead of Alize Baron (FRA), who continues to impress in a breakout season that has seen her record three podiums (including her first victory last week in Åre), and a top-10 result in all eight ski cross World Cup competitions in 2014/15. Now sitting less than 100 points back of top-ranked Anna Holmlund (SWE) in third on the SX leader board, the young French racer is proving herself a podium in every event as we move into the final leg of the season. “ made all the places on the podium this season!. Each time, I have high expectations in qualifications and again I took a slap (6th Friday). But I'm really happy , especially with such a tense final. It was blow for blow.”



Riders in this news :  Wille LINDBERG

The austrian run of the Freeride World Tour which was cancelled has finally been done in Andorra this week.

The good surprise is the Swedish skier Wille Lindberg who stepped into a fluid and technical run and climbed on the second step of the podium with a score of 78.67 behind the American George Rodney (88.67). On the overall ranking, he is now at the 9th place, and ensure is ticket for the last run in Alaska.

Check his run

FWT15 - Run of Wille Lindberg (SWE) Swatch... par FreerideWorldTourTV


Reine Barkered, leader of the overall ranking before the run, made a big fall down on the rocks. Lucikly, he gets up with no injuries, but loose his first place. Nevertheless he stays on the overall ranking podium et will try the best to fight for the first place during the last FWT 2015 competition in Alaska.

The French rider Jordan Bricheux wasn’t that lucky. Winner of the Freeride World Qualifier run on this face last year in Andorra, he dropped into a big run, but dangerously fell down. He had to be winch up into a helicopter to the hospital and get an elbow surgery. We hope he will get well soon and back to the skis as soon as he can !

We keep in touch soon with Dynastar athletes,  on March 13th in Alaska for the last tour of the competition !


De retour des Championnats du monde, une semaine riche en émotions ! Je ramène à la maison des médailles de toutes les couleurs!

Pour moi la semaine a commencé par la verticale samedi après-midi. Dès le départ Laetitia et Laura imposent un rythme impressionnant. Ne pouvant pas le suivre je les laisse partir et fait la montée à mon rythme et termine 4ème (médaille d'or en catégorie espoir).

Lundi matin c'est reparti pour l'épreuve individuelle, la plus importante pour moi. C'est Laetitia qui donne le rythme suivie par Maud. Je prends dès le début la 3ème place que je garderai jusqu'à l'arrivée ! Une superbe course, parcours magnifique, beaucoup de spectateurs et de belles descentes. Je suis de nouveau première en catégorie espoir.

Mercredi je prends le départ de la course par équipe aux côtés de Laetitia Roux. Cette fois ci ont ne laisse aucune chance à nos concurrentes étrangères, nous faisons toute la course en tête. Je donne le rythme à la monté et Laetitia ouvre les descentes. Nous avions un titre à défendre, c'est chose faite et je décroche ma première médaille d'or de la semaine.

Le lendemain il faut enchainer avec le relais. C'est moi qui prends le départ puis passe le relais à Marion et Laetitia termine. Une nouvelle médaille d'or !!!

Enfin pour terminer en beauté je décroche une dernière médaille : l'argent au combiné !

Maintenant place à la récupération jusqu'à la prochaine coupe du monde en Italie fin Février, puis ce sera la course que j'attends depuis un an : la Pierra Menta !!!

A la prochaine,

Axelle Mollaret