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CHAM' LINES Mont-Blanc (4 810m) - Special Issue

Riders in this news :  Aurélien DUCROZ

CHAM'LINES #Unreleased

"Le Mont-Blanc"

Aurélien Ducroz



Newsletter- Friday November 20th 2015

The new unreleased CHAM’LINES Season #2 episode is here ...

Winter is coming and we are stoked to see Aurélien Ducroz and CHAM’LINES.
A never seen before episode shot last spring including aerial footage with few CHAM’LINERS showing the incredible mountain and drawing a mythical line :
Le Mont-Blanc


Line Name: “Mont-Blanc”

Ski lifts used: Aiguille du Midi cable car

Starting altitude: 4810 Meters (15780 ft)

Arrival altitude: 2300 Meters (7545 ft)

Total elevation: 2510 Meters (8234 ft)

Orientation: North



Aurélien Ducroz thoughts on the shooting:

« After a frustrating season, continuously searching for snow without finding it really, the wish to end the season with a great moment was important for us.

I got the idea April 21st, I saw some ski tracks on the Mont-Blanc from my house, weather was good enough to do so. The idea of ending the season on this mythical mountain grew and motivated me even more.

It is time to assemble the « Cham’liners » from season 2 (Seb, Jeremy, Adri, Léo and Giulia).

Everyone was motivated but also on tight schedules, finally Adrien Coirier, Jeremy Prevost, Giulia Monego and I are ready to take on the highest summit in Europe.

A special guest decided to tag along, Bab’s Charlet the freestyle snowboard legend.

To keep everyone safe Stéphane Viallet Mountain Guide and solid skier, joins the adventure.




We leave at 2AM from the Grands-Mulets refuge, climbing skins fixed on, we need to go to theNorth arête of the Dôme du Goûter. Then crampons on, the night is magnificent but cold, the north wind brings down the temperature little by little once we arrived at the Valot refuge, -20°C at this altitude with the wind, it stings !

However we are living such a magical moment at dawn near the Valot refuge that the temperature seems nice suddenly. Except maybe for Adrien. The cold weather dried him out, he managed to find the mental ressources to get over it. He said « I will not stop, I’m probably not coming back here so I will reach the summit !



8 AM we reach the top of our mythical mountain. Another magical moment …

We should not slack around at the summit because it is freezing and of course we are here to RIDE it !





The snow is hard, swept by the winds. The Mont-Blanc summit is rarely a moment of pure pleasure, but once in the north face and even though there are numerous tracks from the previous days, the snow is good.

We keep on chaining the curves we carve the snow without ever stopping !

After 6 hours of walking to reach the summit, we definitely felt the 2500 meters of downhill ski in our thighs, but the excitment and the pleasure fed us the energy to complete the run.



A mythical run, a mythical day, we rode the Mont-Blanc !

Thank you my friends





Next CHAM’LINES meeting

Teaser Season 3

December 11th 2015


Before the winter, Reine Barkered show us how he finished 3rd overall on the last Freeride World Tour season. Check out most of his competition runs. Be sure that he is ready for the new season with victory ambitions!

Stay tuned, first step begin in Andorra the 21th of january! Wille Lindberg his team mate will be up for it too!


J.Midol joins J.F Chapuis and A.Bovolenta in the Team Dynastar/Lange!

Riders in this news :  Jean Frédéric  CHAPUIS


During the historical French hat-trick in Skicross at Sochi Olympic Games 2014, they were two, wearing the colors of Dynastar and Lange: Jean-Frédéric Chapuis and Arnaud Bovolenta. Their third teammate, Jonathan Midol, decided to join the ranks of the French brand for next season. His arrival already strengthens a very competitive team.

For me, Dynastar has the best material today. The ski is efficient and playful. The brand is very committed to Skicross and the race department works closely the athletes. The development of the skis is constant.

For more than 50 years, Dynastar looks for the excellence and we are very proud to welcome Jonathan Midol in our Skicross team. Author of two World Cup podiums in Are and Val-Thorens, the racer of the Grand-Bornand shows clearly his ambitions: “I’m very enthusiastic to join Dynastar Team with my French teammates in order to develop the best ski! The ski which will allow us to fetch a new hat-trick in the next Olympic Games.”  The appointment is taken!

Wringing the last from the Alpine Winter

The end of winter is always a bitter sweat thing time to wax and put away the skis but the pleasure we get from the mountains as the snow recedes and the spring flowers push through. Maybe I am unusual but I don’t want to let go until I absolutely have to so when a client said he fancied skiing Mont Blanc in May I thought great I will have someone to keep skiing with.

As it was the when Matteo arrived the weather forecast for the week was pretty pants 2 perfect days followed by rain snow and wind for the rest of the week. With only 2 days of blue bird we needed to make the most of them. We wanted a high peak that would give us a great skiing and something a bit special for those last alpine turns of the season.

We decided to head for Mont Velan sitting on the Swiss Italian border at just under 4000m with some great glacier skiing and a really cool hut we thought it would do the job nicely. The only disadvantage to skiing at this time of year is that you have to walk to the snowline, 2 hours with skis, boots, stove and food on our backs (the hut was closed so were self catering in the winter quarters) put us at the snowline then an hours skinning and we were at the hut. The guardian had finished for the season the night before and gone down so we had the place to ourselves. With just the three of us (fellow Dynastar UK Ambassador Mike Austin had decided to join us) in hut designed for 60 we had the rare opportunity to spread out and enjoy the magnificent views of the Grand Combin and our objective for the next day.

When the alarm went at 0345 we stuck our heads out to a perfect ceiling of stars, we were skinning across the glacier by 4.30 the pool of light from our head torches the only man made light we could see. After an hour the glacier steepens so we had to out on ski crampons, this lead us to a rock band that bared access to the Col de la Gouille. Skis on our backs and the rope out we followed some chains and climbed to the col, then more chains down onto the glacier on the other side. As we gained height the view just kept getting better and better from the summit the panorama is genuinely 360 from Mont Blanc to Monta Rosa then south to the Paradiso and all the way to Monte Viso.

We didn’t linger on the summit as we wanted to get the snow at its best a short slide on easy snow then a bit of careful choice of aspect gave us some awesome turns on perfect spring snow in the high 40’s. Cruising down the wide open glacier with big fast was awesome, it was all going to fast. There were 2 choices on the lower section of the route down a couloir onto the Valsorey glacier or back over the col. We could see there had been a big avalanche gone down the couloir and the lower section looked like we would have to ski through loads of debris so we climbed back over the col and made a short abseil onto the snow.

With a different aspect we got the snow just right with creamy spring snow all the way to the end of the snow. A perfect way to end the season in the Alps now its off to Norway to wrap up the winter.



Riders in this news :   

Left in spring 2014, Damien, Thibaut, Remì and Francois in the dizzying colours od Baffin Island. A special sort of trip, ski, discover beyond the 70° parallel. This is another way to live the adventure.


DEEP IN BAFFIN from Thibaut Lacombe on Vimeo.