‘BAM!’ : The movie

‘BAM!’ : The movie

During the winter of 2016, the White Circle collective flew out to the Siberian Mountains. Having already been to Baffin Island all together in the Canadian Arctic, they decided to start a new adventure in the Russian backcountry for a one-month trip in the wild massive, located North-East of the Baikal Lake.

“Every beautiful adventure starts with the sound of a train leaving a station.”

After a several-hour commute with the Trans-Siberian, all four of them managed to reach the Kodar Massive and took the opportunity to explore around independently, looking for the craziest slopes and couloirs that even their dreams could not let them imagine.

After having been broadcasted in several festivals during the whole winter season, Ignacio, Thibaut, Rémi and François decided to drop the whole recap movie of their trip online for the great pleasure of all mountain enthusiasts. And here it is, below.