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It was back in 1963 that the brand with the slim "mustache" logo came into being close to the town of Sallanches, born from the inspired union of two manufacturing companies with strong ambitions. The partnership between Starflex skis, produced by Synthetic Plastics, and Dynamic resulted in the birth of a new high-performance skis called Dynastar. This is how the Dynastar adventure began, built around legendary athletes and passionate men and women with the aim of introducing our unique skiability.

Legendary Athletes


There are champions of legend who took Dynastar to new heights and are still doing so today: Marielle Goitschel, Guy Périllat, Marc Girardelli, Kjetil-andré Aamodt, Deborah Compagnoni, Edgar Grospiron, Jean Pierre Vidal, Aurélien Ducroz… Athletes who ensured that Dynastar won more medals than any other alpine ski brand at the world championships in Portillo in 1966 and at the Winter Olympics in Albertville in 1992 and Lillehammer in 1994.


Marielle Goitschel

The 1966 World Championships in Portillo gave Dynastar a taste for victory. Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat have made their first three World Championship titles and the first three silver medals in its history.


Marc Giradelli

Marc Girardelli won the World Cup general classification a record five times, along with ten Crystal Globes in four different disciplines (two in the Downhill, three in the Slalom, one in the Giant Slalom and four in the Combined).


Edgar Grospiron

1992 at his peak: Edgar “The boss” Grospiron becomes the first Olympic moguls skiing champion in the history of skiing. This memorable victory won on Dynastar increased the brand’s prestige forever more among young people in all the disciplines.Sallanches produces more than 100,000 peers a year! Dynastar set to conquer the West and made it in America! These are a few of the most commonly asked questions in the world: "Who is the best?", "Solidarity", "Synergy between people, skills and positions," are passionate about skiing "


Tommy Moe

In 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway, the American Tommy Moe became the Olympic downhill champion, which contribute to make Dynastar the most medal-winning brand at the Lillehammer Olympic Games

Cult skis

More than just 50 years of history and skis that are quite simply legendary. Each truly iconic model inevitably has a story behind it, and a name too ... The name of a skier who has left his or her stamp on the history of skiing.



The MV2, with Marielle Goitschel and Guy Périllat

The all-metal MV2, worn by two of France’s skiing legends, brought the brand its first three world championship titles and first three silver medals.




The Dynastar course, with Deborah Compagnoni

The Italian Deborah Compagnoni achieved great things on the Dynastar Course with its ‘revolutionary’ sidecut, which went on to influence the entire parabolic range: giant slalom world champion at Sestrières and winner of the giant slalom World Cup.


The 4x4, with Arno Adam

Dynastar was the first to bring out a freeride ski series, giving ski areas everywhere a new-found sense of freedom. Freeride marked the return to off-piste and back country skiing. In the US, the brand’s iconic riders included Dave Swanwick, and later Jeremy Nobis. Chamonix boy Arno Adam became world champion on the legendary Alaskan mountainsides.


The Exclusive 8 and Women

The first woman’s ski to incorporate Autodrive Women technology (called the Exclusive Balance System in 2005), it also has a handle to make the skis easier to carry, features that are exclusive to Dynastar women’s series Exclusive


The legend pro rider, with Aurélien Ducroz

This was the weapon that enabled this sailor-in-waiting to become freeride world champion on the 2009 FWT. Aurélien needed a mountain man’s ski, developed and moulded at the foot of Mont Blanc.


The Pierra Menta, with William Bon-Mardion and Florent Perrier

The Pierra Menta Carbon, the ski mountaineering racing ski, scooped all the medals. In 2012 a rocker version was made to gain precious seconds on the descent. Florent Perrier, and later William Bon-Mardion, won every contest on this ski.

The pride of the “Made in Mont Blanc Valley”


At Dynastar we are proud to our very core; our pride is an integral part of our character. Our pride at our victories, our feats of technology and our commitment to manufacturing in France. Our pride at working in the only factory on French soil that still makes skis. Our pride at our human values that make Dynastar a major international brand that feels like one big happy family.

 Dynastar factory Dynastar factory
 Dynastar factory Dynastar factory

A special relationship with Chamonix


Where could be a better place to develop a ski brand than Chamonix? Geographical neighbours, Dynastar and Cham are genetically related through the DNA of skiing, every form of skiing, from La Verte to the Vallée Blanche. More than a testing ground, Cham will forever be the experience that has helped shape the company’s history.

 Mountain view Chamonix archive image
 Mountain view Chamonix archive image

In addition to this magnificent playground there are essential partners such as Compagnie du Mont-Blanc, the National skiing and mountaineering school ENSA, the club des sports and Compagnie des guides. Partners with whom Dynastar has forged incredibly strong links over all these years. A collaboration of a type found nowhere else in the world that enables us to forever renew our promise: to develop the best products and continue to raise a passion for skiing to new heights.