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At Dynastar, the F-Team gathers athletes from every discipline (freeride, skicross, racing, Alpine skiing, etc.) to play a key role in the product development and innovation process.

A Dynastar team is more than a long list of talented riders recruited from around the world. Belonging to the F-Team means sharing and working on a joint vision among enthusiastic people, be they skiers, designers or technicians.

We come from Chamonix, a unique and ever-evolving laboratory rooted in our approach to the mountains and teamwork. This lively playground is the birthplace of our philosophy.

The Chamonix Base Camp is the place where the F-Team brainstorms with our teams. Field experience meets visionary ideas, allowing us to imbue all our skis with what makes them unique: life. This collaboration continues throughout the design cycle for Dynastar products, from the initial idea in a couloir at 4000 metres altitude to the product release from the factory.

The synergy between our environment, riders and designers has led to the very unique Dynastar on-snow ski signature.


a one-of-a-kind snow touch, inspired by the F-Team athletes.




Our skis radiate life. They're responsive, lightweight and powerful.
Unsurprisingly, this identity is a key component of our work methodology.


Like the ever-changing environment that brought us to life, the F-Team working process is agile. It meets the need for adaptability and rapid responses to the new challenges arising from our discussions with the riders. This is how we excel ourselves every season to enter uncharted territory.


We always focus on the fundamentals. Discussions between the athletes and product designers are short and direct and our processes are streamlined.


We value the power of experience, the intensity of the sensations and the achievements of our athletes and designers. Our skis must be on a par with the performance standard of skiers or even better.

While their backgrounds vary, all are seeking to devote their individuality and qualities to the common good.