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26.04.2023 - Athlete


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Winter has just ended for ski mountaineers who, as always, extend the pleasure being on skis. Our champions stand out throughout the whole season with numerous world medals, podiums in the World Cup and some crystal globes.

Axelle Gachet-Mollaret et Emily Harrop sharing victories


Axelle Gachet-Mollaret (FRA)

3 individual World Champion titles – Individual, Vertical, Combined

2 team World Champion titles

Winner of the individual globe


Emily Harrop (FRA)

Winner of the big crystal globe

Winner of the sprint overall ranking

Bronze medalist of the Sprint World Championships

3 team World Champion titles


They have absolutely won everything this season. Axelle Gachet Mollaret (FRA) first got her hands on the World Championships with three titles won easily (+2 gold medals in the team races). She also had 6 victories in the World Cup and won the small individual globe. Emily Harrop (FRA), queen of the sprints, grabbed her second big crystal globe in a row during the finals and had 4 medals in total at the world Championships

Opponents, they also knew how to unite to win together the biggest ski mountaineering race in the world. The Pierra Menta!

Photo : ©SkiMo Stats

Célia Perrillat-Pessey (FRA)

3rd of the World Cup overall ranking


Matteo Eydallin (ITA)

World vice-Champion of the individual

Bronze medalist of the combined World Championships


Robin Galindo (FRA)

3rd of the sprint World Championships


All three have had a fantastic season. Célia Perrillat-Pessey first started the winter with a bang by climbing on the first podiums of her career to finally finish 3rd in the overall ranking. At 37, Matteo Eydallin (ITA), still in great shape, achieved super world championships with 2 medals brought back from Andorra. Finally, Robin Galindo (FRA), not yet 23 years old, won a superb bronze medal in the sprint.

Photos : ©SkiMo Stats

 Célia Perrillat-Pessey (FRA) - ©SkiMo Stats Matteo Eydallin (ITA) - ©SkiMo Stats Robin Galindo (FRA) - ©SkiMo Stats
 Célia Perrillat-Pessey (FRA) - ©SkiMo Stats Matteo Eydallin (ITA) - ©SkiMo Stats Robin Galindo (FRA) - ©SkiMo Stats

Nice rewards for Xavier Gachet, William Bon Mardion, Werner Marti and Candice Bonnel

Candice Bonnel (FRA) brings back two team medals at the World Championships. One on the team race and the other on the raid. Xavier Gachet (FRA) still very fit and meticulous in his preparation climbed three times on the World Cup podiums and with his friend William Bon Mardion (FRA), they won two world team medals and finished second in the Pierra Menta. Finally, Werner Marti (SUI), appeared twice on the World Cup podiums in vertical races.

Photo : ©SkiMo Stats