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A natural innovator, Dynastar reveal trends. To Dynastar innovation means permanently perfecting its products. The brand has consolidated its savoir-faire year after year since 1963, with a combination of ingenuity and rigor.


Designed and developed for all those who thrive on pushing their limits and challenging the clock, whether passionate competitors, enthusiastic amateurs in search of ultimate sensations or elite athletes. The result of great research and development work followed by fine-tuning in the test laboratory of the World Cup with our F-Team athletes, these skis offer ultimate performance on turns, with a perfect blend of power, acceleration, stability and control.


The SPEEDZONE piste ski series has been designed to combine performance with comfort. Bearing testament to the work on both the structure and shape of the ski, the Powerdrive technology allows it to take on a similar role to that of a car chassis, absorbing irregularities and bumps on the piste, while maximizing effort transmission. The result is unparalleled ski-snow contact, delivering a unique sensation of power and smoothness as well as perfect control. To carve your way down the piste in sweeping high-speed turns or narrow-radius bends with an effortless fluidity that will astound you.


The INTENSE series is designed to help women skiers energize their style and approach to skiing on packed snow. By combining the grip and vitality of competition skis with the lightweight and maneuverable design of ski-mountaineering skis, the new INTENSE range presents skis that are responsive underfoot and maneuverable but also very stable and effective. Featuring the Powerdrive technology and an Active Light Core, this series offers a perfect solution for all women skiers, from beginners to absolute experts.


This season’s big new launch, the all-mountain 4x4 series is redefining boundaries with skis focusing on agility and fluidity in all conditions. A 3D profile for optimum power distribution meets a Hybrid core to pave the way for more intense gliding sensations and smooth ski-snow contact for effective performance at all times. Their responsiveness and balance give these skis a fluid feel and the stability to easily absorb irregularities in the terrain. In a nutshell, skis that deliver top sensations and the feeling of skiing better on all types of snow and terrain.


The counterpart of the INTENSE 4x4 series, tailored to the female body shape for maximum versatility. Skis designed to help you improve your performance on all kinds of terrain and explore the entire ski area with comfort and performance. Take skiing pleasure to a whole new level with outstanding reliability and smooth gliding on all kinds of snow. The 3D profile provides lightness, agility and strength for optimum power distribution while the Hybrid core maximizes control and snow contact for even more thrilling and vibrant sensations.


The aim behind the development of our freeride LEGEND series was to help all freeriders achieve their aspirations with skis tailored to their level of proficiency. From the LEGEND 75 to the LEGEND PRO RIDER F TEAM, our LEGEND skis support piste skiers in their initiation to the joys of powder with accommodating skis that allow greater float and better gliding on the surface, while giving elite freeriders the means of tackling the most radical rocks and slopes with complete confidence in the stability and precision of their skis.


Designed for good to excellent women skiers who enjoy exploring wide open spaces, the LEGEND WOMEN showcases the full spectrum of Dynastar’s expertise in women’s skis. Including the added boost of Powerdrive technology for optimum transmission and ski-snow contact, these 4 skis (with underfoot widths from 84 to 106 mm) will help you, depending on your favorite playground and desires, to progress with precision, smoothly and with maximum effectiveness and comfort on all kinds of snow, especially powder. With tip and tail rockers, 5D shape, advanced middle boot sections, lighter structures and profiles tailored to suit the female physique, no detail has been left to chance. It’s over to you for the rest!

TOURING RANGE Mythic, Vertical and Pierra Menta skis

As a pioneer in the development of skis created specifically for ski touring, Dynastar is now unveiling an innovative new range to respond to the explosive growth in disciplines driven by increasing numbers of ski tourers.

The MYTHIC series is ideal for lovers of wide open spaces, with skis focusing on comfort and versatility. The skis are available with underfoot widths from 87 to 97 to meet every wish and support every practice.

The VERTICAL range will appeal in particular to dedicated ski tourers who love the mountains and their wildlife. These balanced and uncompromising skis perform equally well on ascents and descents.

Finally, the PIERRA MENTA, aimed at competitive skiers or experts, is a real benchmark in ski mountaineering. Its numerous podium places in different competitions with Factory Team members testify to our R&D department’s efforts in developing solutions for lighter skis.