Dynastar - Winter chronicles - Freeride skiing and behind the scene documentary by Richard Permin
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26.01.2021 - Adventure

Winter chronicles by Richard PerminFreeride skiing and behind the scene documentary

For more than 10 years, Richard Permin, freeride skier, has traveled the world in winter to bring back the most beautiful images possible. 10 years living in the shadows and focusing only on performance. Since 2016, he has been working with French director Maxime Moulin. After two big projects, Good Morning and Fastwood, it was time to do things differently, it was time to enjoy the mountain for good and to take advantage. This year, they have decided to launch a new project: that of delivering live images on social media. To share a lot more and show the back of the set.



"Winter chronicles is a behind the scenes look back at our past season, which looks back on my relationship with the mountain, video and skiing: 3 ingredients for which I am still as passionate as ever."

Richard Permin worked with a dynamic and complete team composed of Maxime Moulin and Fred Rousseau for the direction, mixetmouse and fraymedia for the sound editing and media support, but also skiers like Conor Pelton or Sander Hadley. With this team, he was able to make this film a real documentary, honoring the sharing, freedom and authenticity of skiing.


Winter chronicles is first and foremost a film made by passionate people and aimed at ski and image lovers.  A new and special experience, retracing the life of a skier hunter of images. An inspired and inspiring testimony.