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When the desire for freedom hiding deep within each of us resurfaces, it drives us instinctively to explore the mountains. It’s almost animalistic and there’s nothing we can do to resist. Naturally passionate, profoundly imprinted with creativity and commitment, everyone is looking for their own line. The perfect line : pure and unique. On the fringes of the crowd of skiers, it’s time to invent your own path, one that no one else can see and depends only on you: become a line hunter.

Created from the Dynastar peak, this logo will support the range which will allow every skier to hunt their own line. M-Line has designed its 4 ranges with this in mind : M-FREE, M-PRO, M-TOUR, M-VERTICAL: a complete range of tailor-made tools to approach and feel the mountain in your own way.


The M-FREE range is meant for creative skiers searching for a playful and agile ski to help you get away from it all on virgin terrain and express your creativity with complete confidence.

Incisive, fast and powerful, the M-PRO range will withstand high-speed curves and comitted landings on any kind of snow…

Versatile by nature, the M-TOUR can be light uphill and sharp, grippy and precise when it comes to diving down the slopes

The M-Vertical 88 distinguish himself by its lightness, fineness and great skiability. It is designed for every touring skiers hungry for ascending elevation and capturing the true nature of the practive : Touring to steep skiing.