Dynastar - Dynastar | Ski Touring - Hunt Your Line by Seb Varlet #1

12.01.2021 - Adventure

Hunt Your Line by Sebastien VarletA ski touring adventure | Pyramids

I’m Sébastien, I’ve been living from my passion, competing on the highest level of the FWQ for the last 5 years.

I’ve been travelling around the world, discovering many places and faces thanks to the freeride. With the years, one thing remain the same wherever I have been, I’m always seeking for the best line to ski ! This is how I my project came to life with the same spirit as Dynastar : Hunt your line.

It is as simple as going for a mission with some good friends to ski the perfect line. As in the competitions, it is always about one single run, no matters the time invested to go up, the quality of the snow. It will be your only opportunity to ride it.

In the search of new exposed and beautiful lines

Like all good stories, they always start before going to bed at night. You open a book or your computer looking for inspiration and you suddenly get caught by your mind dreaming about your next journey.

Every details count, the face’s orientation, the itinerary, the length of the hike, how steep and expose is the way down… are crampons and ice axe necessary?

Once you’ve figure it all, you are waiting for the perfect weather condition, looking at the forecast everyday to not miss your shot and taking into account all the decisive parameters such as the wind, the avalanche risk or freezing level…

This is the most exciting moment for me, getting ready and settle all for this new adventure with a bit of apprehension and uncertainty about what’s going to be on that day.  

Spending hours searching, making efforts for everything or nothing. But, there is always smiling faces at the end of the day, coz it was fun, and even if it’s a fail, the mountains will be always here

Enjoy the first episode and get yourself into the process of Hunting your line !

*We created this webserie before this whole covid crisis, today with closed lifts it definitely make sens to search for cool and unknow adventures