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08.11.2022 - Gear - Athlete

M-Free 108 Freeride World Tour Limited Edition

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Dynastar presents the M-FREE 108 Freeride World Tour Limited Edition, celebrating the renewal of its partnership with the prestigious freeride competition

The great story between Dynastar and the Freeride World Tour is entering a new chapter. To celebrate in fitting style the renewal of their partnership until 2025, Dynastar is today unveiling the M-FREE 108 Freeride World Tour Limited Edition, a freeride ski co-designed by Edgar Cheylus and Reine Barkered.


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In technical terms, the M-FREE 108 remains true to the Dynastar signature: powerful, solid but also very playful on any type of snow and in all conditions. Incorporating the Hybrid Core technology, poplar wood gives the ski an excellent balance of rigidity/responsiveness while PU provides suppleness and ideal dampening. Its progressive construction and its double rockers offer power and agility, an ideal combination to take advantage of powder fields, steep slopes and snowy forests. Chosen by Reine Barkered to tackle the legendary Bec des Rosses, the M-FREE 108 is a real ode to freedom, to trace your line on virgin slopes.

A ski co-designed with Edgar Cheylus, Freeride world qualifier athletes

Born in Annecy, Edgar Cheylus is passionate about snow sports and photography. His films offer a new way of seeing the mountain and the elements that compose it thanks to a unique graphic style and an original perspective. At the same time, the young skier is continuing his journey at the Freeride World Qualifier and finished 5th in 2022 on the Obergurgl round.

What is the story behind this ski and the photograph selected for its decor?

Dynastar wanted to mark the renewal of its partnership with the Freeride World Tour by creating a ski in partnership with the event and invited me, as a member of the Team, to get involved in its production and design. The first idea that came to me was to use this photo by Dom Daher, a well-known photographer on the Freeride World Tour for several years, which I feel perfectly portrays the very imposing and powerful image of the Bec des Rosses, the flagship competition in the circuit.” 

What are your goals for the coming season?

“My schedule is looking pretty busy as I’ll be attending classes at my design school all year. This is important for the next stage of my life and my career. I would also like to get involved in photo and video projects. In terms of competitions, I will probably not take part in quite as many events, but I’ll prepare perfectly to make sure I give my absolute best on the big day.”